Friday, December 16, 2016

Weekly Highlights

Highlights of the Week:
Learning about more mapping-Addie
Playing Cool Math Games-Braeden
Feeling proud in studio-Uryiah
Having morning indoor recess-Declan
Plastering in art-Spencer
Getting powers in art-Colton
Playing Hour of Code-Shaelyn
Learning about Holidays around the world-Elizabeth
Starting to read aloud The Magician’s Nephew-Livie
Finishing reading The BFG-Cam
Indoor recess-Coby
Spanish with Charlene-Ethan
Graphing in math-Payslie
Learning about scale in mapping-Alyson
Working With Words-Meadow
Learning about longitude and latitude-Madison
Doing well in Cool Math games-Jason

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Pancake Party

Our Friday was delicious!!  Back on Election Day, students voted for a "special event" and Pancake Party received the most votes. 

Thanks to our parent volunteers for their expertise on the griddles as well as families that donated items to make the celebration possible.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Our Weekly Highlights

Highlights of our week…
As told by Third Grade Hotshots

Listening to the 50 States Song and writing to our pen pals-Addie
Learning about holidays around the world-Declan
Doing Hour of Code-Blake
The pancake party-Ethan
Learning about proper and common nouns-Shaelyn
Reading the 50 Scrambled States-Olivia
Doing Spanish-Alyson
Math: division-Payslie
Building a fort at recess-Spencer
Playing ice soccer-Coby
Playing Cool Math Games-Cam
Learning about mapping-Colton
All School Meeting-Mrs. Perry
Playing in the snow at recess-Madison
Going on SumDog-Meadow
Mrs. Whitehead visiting-Elizabeth
Building paper airplanes with George-Josh
Making maps-Braeden
Eating DELICIOUS pancakes-Jason
Playing LightBot-Uriyah
The enthusiasm of third grade learning-George

{Thanks to our parent volunteers and for the donations that made our pancake party possible!!}

Third Grade Class

Friday, December 2, 2016


We have been immersed in a world of maps.  We've spent time exploring different types of maps as well as the purpose and function of them. Additionally, we have studied the components of a proper map.

Students have created visual representations of our classroom, our school, our community, and of imaginary places (think Unicorn Ville and Motocross Land!).  

Our study will also include exploring our 50 states.  

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

We love flexible seating!

Our third graders have been benefitting from flexible seating options this year.
Each day, students may choose to sit at traditional tables or from various options such as standing desks, low seating, cushions, stools, exercise balls, comfy chairs, or yoga mats.  The only expectation is that the space students choose maximizes their learning.  

There are many benefits to our students by offering flexible seating.  A short list of the advantages include; increasing mindfulness, stronger problem solving strategies, developing autonomy, promoting self monitoring skills, and enhancing self advocacy skills.

Here's what our students say are ways that flexible seating helps them learn:

Declan-it makes me forget about everything and helps me focus on learning.
Camden-it makes me feel comfortable and alive.
Braeden-you can pick where you want to be and it makes it so you feel more comfortable.
Shaelyn-because you don't have to sit the same way every time.
Coby-it's comfortable, which means it helps you think better and it's fun on the cushions because you can sit however you like.
Madison-it helps me learn because it gives my body what it needs.
 Meadow-it makes my body able to learn.
Alyson-it helps me because it keeps me calm.
Addison-it keeps you awake by having different ways to sit.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Welcome Back!

Like these gorgeous sunflowers, our 3rd Graders are in full bloom!
We had our first outdoor learning experience in the garden today.  Students explored, observed, and documented our bountiful shared space.